Mantra International
Maritz Research
Makrotest Ltd
Market Measures Ltd
Market Planning International
Market Probe Europe
Market Research Northern Ireland
Market Research
Scotland Ltd
Market Research Wales
Market Research UK
Market Tracking International Ltd
Marketing and Research Data Consultants
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Assistance
Marketing Direction
Marketing Imp
Marketing Means
Marketing Sciences Ltd
Marketing Solutions International (MSI) Ltd
The Marketing Works
Martin Hamblin GfK
Martin Horne and Co
Masmi Research Group
Matrix Research & Consultancy Ltd
Maven Management
Maxis Research
McCallum Layton
McDonald Research
McLeod Research
Medical Marketing ResInternational
Meko Ltd
Memphis International
Merlinco Ltd
Metra Martech Ltd
Metrica UK
Metro Research
Michael Rigby Assoc
Middlesex University Research Services
Millward Brown International
Mintel International
Mobile Sensory Testing Services Ltd
Modus Research Ltd
Moffatt Associates Partnership
MMR Food & Drink Research Worldwide
MORI (Market & Opinion Research Int
MORI Telephone Surveys
Moulton Hall Market Research
Momentum Research & Marketing
MPG International
(Market Research)
MSA International
MSB - Managing the
Service Business
MSS Marketing
Research Ltd
Mulholland Research Associates Ltd
Mycon Marketing
Services Ltd
NAG Consulting
NA Global Research
Network Research & Marketing Ltd
NEMS Market Research
New Solutions
NOP Research Group
NSM Research
NTC Research Ltd
Nunwood Consulting
The Nursery Research
& Planning
Off-Highway Research
Opinion Leader Res
The Opinion Research Business (ORB)
Opera Group
ORC International
Outlook Research Ltd
The Oxford Market Research Agency ltd
The Oxford Partnership
Oxford Research International
Palmer Market Res
Peke Research
People At Work Group
People Science & Policy
Periscope Ltd
Performance Research
Perspective Market Research
PFA Research
ph impetus
PH Research
PHD Research
Phillip Townsend Assoc
Phoenix Market
Research Consultancy
Pickersgill Consultancy
& Planning
Planetary Tribe
The Planning Business
The Planning Shop
Plus Four Market
Research Ltd
PMA Research
PPCR Market Research
Prescient Research
Precision Research International Ltd
Preddy Research
Principles Research
Priority Research Ltd
Prodata Partners Ltd
Product Perceptions
Promar International
Proteus Research
Pulse Train Technology
Purple Market Research
QualiQuant International
QCL Market Research
Quaestor Research
Quality Medical Field Ltd
Questor International
Quest Techno-Marketing
Quota Search Ireland
RBA Research
REACT Surveys Ltd
RPM Research
RSMB Television
Research Ltd
Reading Scientific
Services (RSSL) Ltd
Really Good Research
Recom - Research in Communications
Communication Res
Relevant Knowledge Ltd
Research and
Marketing Ltd
Research and Data Analysis
Research and Markt Associates Ltd
Research Associates
The Research Box
The Research Factor
Research Initiatives Ltd
Research Insight
Research International
Research in Focus Ltd
Research Now!
The Research Practice
Research Quorum
Research Solutions
Resource (Marketing Research) Ltd
Research Support and Marketing
Retail Banking Research
Retail Marketing In-Store Services Ltd
Revelation Research
Revolution Research
RONIN Corporation
Rosslyn Research Ltd
R S Consulting
Research Solutions Consultancy
Russian Research Ltd
Sadek Wynberg
Research Ltd
Sagitta Consultancy Ltd
Sample Answers
Saville Rossiter-Base
Scott Marketing
Scottish Opinion
Screen Digest
Second Sight Int
Select Research
Semiotic Solutions Ltd
Sensory Dimensions
Sharp End Infoseek
Sharpe Research Ltd
Shaw Research & Plan
Significantly Different! Research
Silver Fern Research Ltd
Simon Godfrey
Associates (SGA)
Simons Priest &
Associates (SPA)
Simpson Carpenter
SMi Ltd
SMSR Social and Markt Strategic Research
SNAP Survey Software
Solomon Business
Solutions Strategy Research Facilitation Ltd
Some Research
Somerford Research
Sovereign Market
Research (SMR)
Sponsorship Communications Res
The Sponsorship Res Company
Sports Marketing
Spot on Research Ltd
Strategic Marketing Research
Steer Davies Gleave
Step Ahead Research
Step Beyond
Stormbreak Ltd
Stratagem Marketing & Business Services
Strategic Research
Strawpoll Surveys Ltd
Sunrise Solutions
Sunrise Tabulations
Survey & Marketing services Ltd
Survey Solutions Ltd
Swift Research Ltd
Synectics Europe
TARP services
TNS Prognostics
Team Research Consultancy
Technology Research
Terra Nova Research
Test Research
The Business Research
Trends Business Res
The Research Business International
TRS - Total Research Services Ltd
Thornton Drummond
and Brett Ltd
Through The Loop
Time Research Ltd
Total Press Research Ltd
Tramor International Market Research
Triangle Consultancy
Millward Brown Ulster
ULTEX International Ltd
VAR International Ltd
The Value Engineers Ltd
Vector Research
Verdict Research
Virtual Surveys Ltd
Visitor Friendly
Vivid Interface Ltd
Vox Pops International
Walker Communications
Wardle McLean Strategic Research Consultancy
Westcombe Business Research Ltd
White Noise Communications Ltd
Winmark Ltd
Wirral Sensory Services
Wood Holmes
WorldOne Research
Wyman Dillon Ltd
Youth Research Group
Zenith International
Zinkin Research Partners


Conference Facilities

Estate Agents





River Cruises



Below is a comprehensive listing of viewing facilities in the UK and Ireland. You may view some of these facilities in 360 x 360 spherical environments which allow the viewer to step inside the picture. Those facilities in blue are currently active. If you would like an iPIX of your location send an e-mail to put me in the picture @ uklink with prices starting at £49 per image it doesn't cost the virtual world to show your clients everything that is good about your business.
Bristol Focus RBA Viewing
Camdenlock Viewing Studio Recruiting & Viewing Facilities
Capital View
Seen & Sound-Reading
Seen & Sound-Newcastle
Speak Easy Facilities
Chat-Room Studios Ltd Spectrum
City (Financial) Focus Ltd Studio14
Croydon Focus Studio46
Dialogue Viewing Studies Liverpool Studio Four
Enigma Research Suite Studio Three At System Three
Esprit Studios Ltd Surrey Research Centre
Eyewitness The Business Centre - Heathrow
Field Facts Worldwide The Dragon Studio
Innervisions Talk Back
In View The Front Room
all global viewing The Green Room
Leeds Roundhay Research Viewing Centre The Harrow Observatory
The Leo House Partnership The Hub
Le Rendezvous Studio Chat Room Studios
The Lookout The Scottish View
Marketlink Studio The Studio In St Albans
Market Research Northern Ireland Ltd The Treehouse
Midlands-on-View Scott Porter Facility
Lookout Viewing Surrey Research Centre
The Paddock Viewing Facility Ulster Marketing Surveys
The Qualitative Lab - London Viewing Options
The Qualitative Lab - London Viewpoint
Quest Viewing Facilities Visual Insight
City (Financial) Focus Ltd
Raheny Observatory-Dublin West Midlands Viewing Facility
Wyoming Studios


Research Agencies
20/20 Research Ltd
Accent Marketing & Research Ltd
ACC Research
Access Asia
Accord Marketing & Research
Access Global Res
Accubiz Research & Consulting
ACE Fieldwork Ltd
Acuity Computing Enterprise Technology
AcuPOLL Europe
ADAS Market Res
Added Value
Adelphi International Research
Adkins Medical Market Research
Adsearch Limited
AIM-DMC Market
Research Ltd
Akadine Research
Albemarle Marketing Research
Alpha Research
AMA Research
Amrix Ltd
AMR Research Europe
Andrew Irving
Andrew Lester & Associates
Arkenford Ltd
The Ashdown Group
Ask for Research
Askia UK
Aspect Market Res
WS Atkins Planning
and Management
AVISTA Consulting Ltd
Banner Corporation
Basis Research
BCDP Ltd - Data Processing Services
BDC Business Data Consulting
BDRC Business Development Research
B H Market Research
The Behaviour Business
Benchmark Research
Beyen UK Limited
Beaufort Research
Bingham Calnan Group
Blackbox Research
Blue Banana Agency
Blue Chip Research & Consultancy
Blue Sheep
BMRB International
BMG Bostock
Marketing Group
Book Marketing Ltd
BPRI Business Planning
and Research Int
BrainJuicer® Ltd
BrandEnergy Research
Brand Genetics Ltd
Brann Consulting
Bridge Research
B2B International Ltd
Buckingham Research Associates
Bulmershe Research
Burlington Consultants
Business Advantage
Business Research
Group (BRG)
The Business Research
The Internet Business
Cambridge Direction
Cambridge Market Research Ltd
Campbell Keegan Ltd
Campden & Chorleywood Food Research
Carat Insight Ltd
Cardinal Marketing & Research Consultants
Carne Martin Litchfield
Carol Raithatha Ltd
Carrick James Market Research
CC&C Research
CFS International
Changes Research & Consultancy
Margaret Cheng
Children's Research Unit
CIA Research
CIT Research Ltd
Clarity Research & Consulting Ltd
Clear Impressions
Clayton Reed Assoc
CM&R Consultancy
Colin Macleod Assoc
Collectibles Research
Conical Ltd
Conquest Research Ltd
Compton Research & Consultancy Ltd
Connect Research & Consultancy Ltd
Consensus Research International Ltd
Consult GB Ltd
Guy Consterdine
Consumerdata Ltd
Consumer Analysis
Consumer Insight Ltd
Consumer Link
Consumer Profile Ltd
Context Research International Ltd
Continental Research
Corky & Co
Corporate Edge
Counterpoint Research
Cragg Ross Dawson
CRAM International
Creative Marketing and Research
Creative Research
Criteria Fieldwork Ltd
Critical Research Group
CSR Survey
Customer Care Res
Customer Insight (CI) Research Ltd
The Data Processing Company
Data & Research
Services Plc
DataTree ConneXions
David Graham & Associates Ltd
Davies Ives Associates
dB Research Ltd
The Decision Shop
Define Research & Marketing Interantional
Dialogue Market
Research Ltd
Direct Dialogue
DJS Research
Double Helix
Development Ltd
Dreamtime Research
Duckfoot Research
Durdle Davies
Electoral Reform
Services Market
Echo Research
Egg Research
Enterprise Planning & Research Ltd
ESA Market Research
E S Consulting
Ethnic Focus
EuroLAN Research Ltd
Euromonitor plc
European Data &
Research Ltd
The Europe Japan
Centre Plc
Explorium International Research
Facts International Ltd

Falcon Research Ltd
Fast Forward research
FDS International Ltd
Feedback Market
Research Ltd
Field and Research
Matters Ltd
Field Connection Ltd
Field Initiatives
Fieldcontrol Ltd
Fieldforce - The
Fieldwork Facility Ltd
Field Management Ltd
Fieldwork International
Fifth Dimension
First T
Flamingo International
Fluent Fieldwork
FMR Market Research
Food from Britain
Framework Market Research Services
Frontline Research Consultancy Ltd
Future Featuring
The Future Place
Gabriel Ashworth Ltd
George Street Research Ltd
GfK Marketing Services
Gilmour Research
Golf Research Group
Good Sense Research
Keith Gorton Services (KGS)
Gough Mandarin Ltd
Grass Roots Research
Green Light Research
Greg Rowland Ltd - Semiotics for Brands
Hall & Partners Ltd
Happy Dog Group
Harte-Hanks CRM UK
Hauck Research International
Hawk Associates Ltd
Heawood Research
Michael Herbert Assoc
HI Europe
Hoffman Research Company
Horizons FS
HPI Research Group
HRW Healthcare
Research Worldwide
IAL Consultants
IATA Research Deptt
IBR International Bus Research Limited
icon brand navigation
ICM Research
The idFactor ltd
Ideas In Action
IDA Independent Data Analysis Ltd
IFF Research Ltd
IFR UK Ltd NEW LINK 03/09/2003
IFTS (International Field
& Tab Solutions Ltd)
IMS - Global Services
IMS (Intelligent Markt Solutions)
Incepta Marketing Intelligence
Incite Marketing
Incognito Consultants
The Independent
Fieldwork Company Ltd
Industrial Research
infinite Ltd
Infocorp Ltd
Info-e Information Environments
InfoQuest CRM Ltd
Information Research
Information Resources
Insight Research
Insight Statistical Consulting
Intelliquest Ltd
Interviewing Services
Intrepid Consultants
IRN Research
ISIS Research Plc
ISR International
Survey Research Ltd
Millward Brown IMS
Jarrett Associates
Jigsaw Research
Jill Lonsdale Research Services
JGMR Market Research
JMA Marketing &
Research Ltd
John Ardern Research
JRA Research
Juniper Consultancy Services
Kadence (UK) Ltd
Kantar Media Research -
Research International,
Millward Brown International , SGA
Kate Willis Research
Kevlie Research Limited
Key Note
Kids Brands Europe
KSBR Brand Planning
Kudos Research
Lala & Wood Strategic Research
Landell Mills Int
Langford Associates
Lansdowne Market Research
Laser Marketing
Research (Europe) Ltd
Lawrence F. Bailey and Associates
Lawrence Somerset
Le Ber Associates
LC Associates
Leading Edge Manage Consultancy Ltd
The Leadership Factor
Leapfrog Research
Lightspeed Research
Linkbridge Ltd
Links Consumer Res
LiveWire (NW) Ltd
LM Research & Markt Consultancy
Logistic Solutions Ltd
Looking Glass Research
Lorien Customer Management
Lozowick Market Res
Lychgate Market Rese
Lynn Jones Research