Originally, this was the Roman fort at what was then known as, Reculbium, which guarded the North end of the Wantsum Channel which cut off the Isle of Thanet from the rest of Kent. There is a legend that there is often heard the sound of a baby crying in the grounds of the fort and the Church ruins. From information I have read, it seems that fairly recent excavations of this site by The Kent Archaeology Society revealed several infant skeletons buried under the walls of a Roman barrack block which would have been built in approximately 200-250 A.D. I have seen one source quote three as the number of remains found and another which puts the figure as high as eleven. One source says that as there seemed to be no damage to the skeletons that they were probably infants that died of natural causes whereas another says that it was not unusual to bury the infants alive. If this was the case then one would assume that they suffocated and therefore there would not necessarily be signs of trauma - especially given the age of the remains and the fact that they had a wall dumped on top of them. Although infant mortality would have been high in those days, I personally can't see the Romans waiting for deaths from natural causes if they needed eleven (or more) bodies to satisfy the needs of their construction.