Ludlow Castle, Shropshire England

One of a line of Norman castles built along the Marches, Ludlow commanded a good defensive position, with steep slopes to the north and west, overlooking the Rivers Teme and Corve. Although the exact date of construction is unknown, the earliest building - the curtain wall of the inner bailey, the four flanking towers, and parts of the gatehouse keep - has been dated to late 11th century. During the early 12th century, the gatehouse was extended and converted to a four-storey keep, containing a living hall and private solar. Norman windows can still be seen at the top of the original interior. Later that century, the original entrance to the castle was blocked off and a new entrance arch was made in the adjacent curtain wall. Towards the end of the 15th century, the north wall was rebuilt, and floors constructed within the hall created rooms that were lit by larger windows..