Ely, Cambridgeshire England

Oliver Cromwell's House

A Cathedral City founded in 673 when Princess Etheldreda, daughter of the Anglo-Saxon King Anna adopted Christianity & formed a Coven/Convent one mile north of the Saxon village of Cratendune, an act that later ensured her elevation to Saint Etheldreda. However, Ely dates back much further as recent Archælogical excavations have unearthed Roman graves and the discovery of the remnants of Iron Age Round Houses imply truly ancient peoples had built farms & communities at the edge of Ely's un-natural hill.

An abbey was founded in 673 and sacked by the Danes in 870. A new monastery was then built. Ely was the stronghold of Hereward the Wake against William the Conqueror. The Cathedral was begun in 1083 and completed in 1351. Its original square central tower collapsed in 1322 and was replaced by the octagonal one we see today. Ely was a major port on the Great Ouse till the coming of the railways.