Chester, Cheshire England

One of the loveliest cities in England and on every tourist's itinerary, Chester ranks alongside London, York and Edinburgh. In fact, Conde Nast Traveller magazine has named it "England's Best". Experience the city's extraordinary atmosphere and wealth of history, architecture and culture, and you'll want to come back ... again and again.

Chester, the ancient walled City is on England's North West frontier with Wales. The national boundary is only two miles from Chester City Centre! To the east lies the prominent Cheshire Sandstone Ridge, which rises from the Cheshire Plain and follows closely the Sandstone Trail. Chester is the county town of Cheshire, and is centrally located within the UK  in the North West region. Its excellent concentration of motorways, roads and railways makes most areas of the UK within easy travelling distance. Chester is also well served by Liverpool and Manchester Airports, and private aircraft can be accommodated at Hawarden Airport, four miles form the City.