Cambridge, Cambridgeshire England

Cambridge, a city of spires, colleges, theatres, arts, and shopping in stunning surroundings. The Tourist Information Centre in the town is also the starting point for walking tours.There are always lots of events on so check out the local papers for up to date information.
A collection of old streets and houses run along the River Cam, good museums....Fitzwilliam has art and archaeology collections FREE admission, the Scott Polar Research Institute has exhibits relating to the expeditions, whilst the Sedgwick has fossils from around the world.

A good mix of culture, learning and shopping make this historic city unique, and  recently has been developed as high-tec development area. The colleges result in a split away from Oxford in 1209. Peterhouse was founded in 1284, and Kings College by Henry VI in 1441. Kings has a chapel overlooking the River Cam. Copus Christie was founded by two town guilds. Modern architecture of Churchill and Robinson mix with the gardens of Christs College and the medieval chapel of Jesus. Bridges over the river, New Bridge in Venetian style, Bridge of Sighs - built without a nail. You can walk around the courtyards, sometimes you have to pay an entrance fee.